Sunday, 22 August 2010

Night-life in Cirebon

Cirebon is hardly known as a party place. There are few places to get alcoholic beverages. Listed here are a few.

Bentani Hotel, Grizzly's Pub and Resto, Jl. Silawangi.
This is the most popular bar in town for expats. It's a hotel bar so not too cheap but good food, drinks and service. Live music at 10pm Mon-Sat. Opens at 5pm til late. Most nights you will find a few foreigners after 8pm. Nice friendly place.

Mithas Nightclub, Hotel Apita, Jl. Tuparev.
This is the only real nightclub in Cirebon. Live music and/or DJ's most nights. Prices normal for nightclub in Indo. Not really lively until 11pm. Plenty of girls if that's on your agenda. Not bad place, people friendly though service is crap. Sometimes foreigners hang out here.

Rain karaoke and Lounge, CSB, Jl. Cipto.
A pretty upmarket karaoke bar. This place is new to Cirebon and is busy most nights. There is a bar and you can also rent karaoke rooms. Lots of girls. Good service (the bar not the girls).

Santika Hotel Bar, Jl. Wahidin.
Overpriced and seldom has any customers. Nuff said.

Prima Hotel Bar, Jl. Silawangi.
Nice cosy bar. Cheap for a hotel. Not many customers but nice for a quiet drink.

Rumah Makan Elok Gunung Sari. Jl. Wahidin, (behind hotel Tryas)
This is actually a restaurant/cafe selling local food. There is a small karaoke bar and rooms. Cold beer and reasonable prices. Good food if you want to try some local fare.

Lido Bowling Centre, Jl. Cipto, (opposite Carrefour)
This is a bowling alley, karaoke and pool hall in one. Cold beer and cheapest in town. There are a few expats that hang out in the pool hall. (can plug you mobile or i-pod into the amp so good music).

Spot Billiard, Jl. Pulasaren.
A large pool hall with about 20 tables. Cold beer. Cheap prices.

Teh Poci, near the Kesepuhan palace.
There are a row of cafes here. Open 24 hours and selling cold beer. Sleazy but friendly people.

Anywhere i've missed out??? Let me know.

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