Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Indonesian Language/ Bahasa Indonesia

New In Indonesia?

Here are some basics in Indonesian to help you get by.

Apa kabar? = How are you?

Siapa nama kamu? = What’s your name?

Mau ke mana? = Where are you going?

Saya mau ke ________. = I want to go to __________.

Berapa ini/itu? = How much is this/that?

Saya mau ini/itu. = I want this/that.

Jam berapa? = What time? What time is it?

Permisi kamu bisa bantu saya? = Excuse me, can you help me?

Pak = Sir- use for older men

Ibu = Mother - use for older women.

Mas = Bro- use for younger men.

Neng = Sis – use for younger women































Dua puluh

Tiga puluh

Empat puluh

Lima puluh

Enam puluh

Tujuh puluh

Delapan puluh

Sembilan puluh


Dua ratus

Hundred = ratus

Thousand = ribu (1000 = seribu)

Million = juta

Example; 1250 = seribu dua ratus lima puluh

1,400,000 = satu juta empat ratus ribu

932 = Sembilan ratus tiga puluh dua

Indonesian people are very talkative and interested in why you are here and what you are doing. Instead of getting uptight or angry it’s better you enjoy it. Joking is okay. For example the question you will always get asked is, “Mau ke mana?” “Where are you going?” They don’t really expect a detailed answer it’s just a way to talk. Have fun, answer what you want. Tell them you’re going to the moon or looking for a girl. Saya mau ke bulan. Saya cari cewek. You will get a laugh and make Indonesians impression of foreigners better than those who get angry and tell them to f%£*& off. Believe me I know sometimes it can be annoying but better to learn nice replies it will make travelling much more pleasant in Indo.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Night-life in Cirebon

Cirebon is hardly known as a party place. There are few places to get alcoholic beverages. Listed here are a few.

Bentani Hotel, Grizzly's Pub and Resto, Jl. Silawangi.
This is the most popular bar in town for expats. It's a hotel bar so not too cheap but good food, drinks and service. Live music at 10pm Mon-Sat. Opens at 5pm til late. Most nights you will find a few foreigners after 8pm. Nice friendly place.

Mithas Nightclub, Hotel Apita, Jl. Tuparev.
This is the only real nightclub in Cirebon. Live music and/or DJ's most nights. Prices normal for nightclub in Indo. Not really lively until 11pm. Plenty of girls if that's on your agenda. Not bad place, people friendly though service is crap. Sometimes foreigners hang out here.

Rain karaoke and Lounge, CSB, Jl. Cipto.
A pretty upmarket karaoke bar. This place is new to Cirebon and is busy most nights. There is a bar and you can also rent karaoke rooms. Lots of girls. Good service (the bar not the girls).

Santika Hotel Bar, Jl. Wahidin.
Overpriced and seldom has any customers. Nuff said.

Prima Hotel Bar, Jl. Silawangi.
Nice cosy bar. Cheap for a hotel. Not many customers but nice for a quiet drink.

Rumah Makan Elok Gunung Sari. Jl. Wahidin, (behind hotel Tryas)
This is actually a restaurant/cafe selling local food. There is a small karaoke bar and rooms. Cold beer and reasonable prices. Good food if you want to try some local fare.

Lido Bowling Centre, Jl. Cipto, (opposite Carrefour)
This is a bowling alley, karaoke and pool hall in one. Cold beer and cheapest in town. There are a few expats that hang out in the pool hall. (can plug you mobile or i-pod into the amp so good music).

Spot Billiard, Jl. Pulasaren.
A large pool hall with about 20 tables. Cold beer. Cheap prices.

Teh Poci, near the Kesepuhan palace.
There are a row of cafes here. Open 24 hours and selling cold beer. Sleazy but friendly people.

Anywhere i've missed out??? Let me know.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cirebon Getting there and away.

Transport from Jakarta; buses are available but unless you have no money and are into long wasted journeys I wouldn't recommend wasting your time and energy using buses. If your on a tight budget you can always use the economy train. I don't have the schedule but you can assume economy trains are almost always late.
The business class and executive class are pretty reliable, in 4 years i have rarely known them to be other than fashionably late. There are 2 trains, Argo Jati is the better one but only runs twice a day each way. It's all executive. The other train is the Cirebon Express (Cirex). This is mixed business and executive classes.
The times were correct when posted on this blog (Times updated 22/02.12)

Argo Jati; (all executive)

From Gambir (Jakarta): 09.00 and 17.10
From Cirebon : 05.45 and 14.00

Cirebon Express; (executive and business class)

From Gambir (Jakarta) : 06.05, 09.45, 11.00, 13.20 and 18.15 (Fri, Sat & Sun 20.10)
From Cirebon Station: 06.15, 07.45, 10.00, 15.15 and 18.15

Executive = has air conditioning, reclining seats.
Business = no air conditioning, basic but okay seat.

To other cities such as Bandung, Yogjakarta and Semarang there are buses from the bus terminal. Ecomony and AC classes. Also there are travel buses. These are mini-buses or cars that will take you door to door. All have AC and usually will stop on the way for food. Good option if you can't face bus stations. Ask at your hotel they should have details. Trains of course also run across Java to all major cities. Note; if you buy ticket for example Yogjakarta to Cirebon you have to pay the fair from Yogja to Jakarta. So if you use the Surabaya train from Yogja to Cirebon the fare is Surabaya to jakarta. This can make train tickets a bit expensive.
New note; trains are now becoming busier all the time. If you are travel Fridays or holidays you will have to book beforehand. 

Cicerem Lake/Situ Cicerem

This is a beautiful spot to relax and swim. The small lake is fed by mountain springs so the water is very clean. If you have snorkel and mask bring it along as you can swim around the rocks and see hundreds of fish. The water here is beautiful shades of blue or green depending on the sunlight. There is a small warung (food stall) that sells drinks, snacks and noodles. If you want a proper lunch better you bring a take away (bungkus). The lake is about 5m deep in the middle so if your not a strong swimmer stick to the edge or ask if there are any tubes (ban) available; sometimes there are sometimes not.

Directions. From Cirebon head to Sumber Town. After you pass Sumber you will see a turtle monument in the middle of the road. Direct after that turn left, follow the small road left again, then take a right. Keep going unitl you see a sign on your left saying Kaduela. Turn right at the sign through the village and you will come to the lake.
If you want public transport you will have to get a bus from Cirebon terminal to Majalengka, tell the driver you want to get off at the turtle monument (patungkura-kura). From there you will have to nego with a small bus or motorcycles.
Note: If you go here make sure people don't direct you to a nearby lake called Telaga Remis. The locals assume this is where you want to go but you will be disappointed if you end up in this place. Telaga Remis is ok but not suitable for swimming.

Here is the link to google maps.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cilengkrang, Kuningan.

About 40 mins out of Cirebon is Lembah Cilengkrang or Cilengkrang Valley. This is a lovely hike through farmland and forest into a green lush valley. The walk is easy and takes about 40 mins fast to 1 n half hours taking it easy. At the end of the walk there are natural hot springs and a couple of waterfalls. If you go take some grub as your gonna get hungry. In rainy season better to leave early morning to beat the rain.
Directions; from Cirebon you need to head towards Kuningan. After Sangkan Nurip (about 2 to 3 km) look for a small green sign on the left hand side of the road which says "Objek wisata lembah cilengkrang". The sign is on the left pointing to the right. When you see the sign tun right into small road then follow the small green signs all the way up to the parking area for the Valley.
Public transport from the bus station in Cirebon head on bus to kuningan. Check that the driver knows the turn off. From there you will have to negotiate and charter motorbikes or small bus.

Here is a link to google maps. Pajambon Village .

Cirebon West Java

Cirebon is a small city on the North coast of Java about 2 and a half hours East of Jakarta. It's a small city not often frequented by Western tourist. With this blog (over time) I hope to give lots of information for those wishing to get off the beaten track and explore the real Java.
I have been living in Cirebon for more than four years but am an avid explorer so I know more about the area than your average locals. 
If you need any info regarding Cirebon, Majalengka and Kuningan please don't hesitate to ask. If i can't help I'm sure I can put you onto the people that can.
Please come back and visit this blog as I will be adding info everyday as i get it started.