Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cicerem Lake/Situ Cicerem

This is a beautiful spot to relax and swim. The small lake is fed by mountain springs so the water is very clean. If you have snorkel and mask bring it along as you can swim around the rocks and see hundreds of fish. The water here is beautiful shades of blue or green depending on the sunlight. There is a small warung (food stall) that sells drinks, snacks and noodles. If you want a proper lunch better you bring a take away (bungkus). The lake is about 5m deep in the middle so if your not a strong swimmer stick to the edge or ask if there are any tubes (ban) available; sometimes there are sometimes not.

Directions. From Cirebon head to Sumber Town. After you pass Sumber you will see a turtle monument in the middle of the road. Direct after that turn left, follow the small road left again, then take a right. Keep going unitl you see a sign on your left saying Kaduela. Turn right at the sign through the village and you will come to the lake.
If you want public transport you will have to get a bus from Cirebon terminal to Majalengka, tell the driver you want to get off at the turtle monument (patungkura-kura). From there you will have to nego with a small bus or motorcycles.
Note: If you go here make sure people don't direct you to a nearby lake called Telaga Remis. The locals assume this is where you want to go but you will be disappointed if you end up in this place. Telaga Remis is ok but not suitable for swimming.

Here is the link to google maps.,108.421841&hl=en&geocode=Feepmf8d5nB4Bg%3BFfVCmP8d0WJ2Bg&mra=ls&doflg=ptk&sll=-6.744396,108.482437&sspn=0.247527,0.441513&ie=UTF8&ll=-6.749169,108.482094&spn=0.123763,0.220757&z=12

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  1. Hello Craig, my name is Adi from Jakarta. I find your blog is very helpful & informative as me & my girl will be going to Cirebon tomorrow. I don't know whether you are still in town or not, but I will be in Cirebon until Jan 2nd and it will be very nice to have a bule guy as our guide. Please do reply if you read this. Thanks