Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cilengkrang, Kuningan.

About 40 mins out of Cirebon is Lembah Cilengkrang or Cilengkrang Valley. This is a lovely hike through farmland and forest into a green lush valley. The walk is easy and takes about 40 mins fast to 1 n half hours taking it easy. At the end of the walk there are natural hot springs and a couple of waterfalls. If you go take some grub as your gonna get hungry. In rainy season better to leave early morning to beat the rain.
Directions; from Cirebon you need to head towards Kuningan. After Sangkan Nurip (about 2 to 3 km) look for a small green sign on the left hand side of the road which says "Objek wisata lembah cilengkrang". The sign is on the left pointing to the right. When you see the sign tun right into small road then follow the small green signs all the way up to the parking area for the Valley.
Public transport from the bus station in Cirebon head on bus to kuningan. Check that the driver knows the turn off. From there you will have to negotiate and charter motorbikes or small bus.

Here is a link to google maps. Pajambon Village .

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