Monday, 26 September 2011

Linggarjati Museum (Gedung Naskah Linggarjati)

This is an old Dutch colonial house set on the foothills of Ciremai Mountain. In Indonesian history it is a very important place where the Dutch and Indonesian authorities sign the treaty to give Indonesia back to the Indonesian government while being monitored by British officials in November 1946.

View of the villa with Ciremai Mountain in the bacground.

This is a pleasant old Dutch villa set in some nice gardens and worth a quick look if your in the area. The buildings are kept in an original colonial style.Throughout the building are many old black and white photographs from the press at the time of negotiations there. If your a colonial history buff this is definitely worth a look but even if your not it's a nice place to stretch your legs if you are on the way to other tourist spots. A donation is expected by visitors put what you feel is enough but please do give as they rely heavily on these donations for the upkeep/staff of the villa. Website in English

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Nearby here:
Ciremai Mountain: The small road going up the mountain after the villa is the start point for a trek to the summit of Ciremai mountain. It's a difficult walk taking between 8 and 12 hours. If you want to do this trek you really should get a guide as the trail is very easy to lose. Every year some people go missing on this mountain. At the first post about 200m behind Linggarjati Villa you can easily arrange locals guides to take you. Please don't try this without guides. There are 2 other start points to climb Ciremai at the time of this posting the other 2 were recommended above this start point. go to for more professional info about this mountain.

: Linggarjati Park (Wisata Linggarjati Indah) a recreation park set amongst pine trees. Features include Peddle boats, horse riding (beginners with guide), karaoke, swimming pools with various slides, souvenir shops, fishing and a small outbound course. Not the best place to go but good enough to keep the kids (or big kids) entertained for a couple of hours.

Fish Therapy. The hotel next to the above mentioned park has fish therapy which is good for skin disorders or just for a laugh if you've never tried.

Model inside the villa showing all the participants of the meetings held here.