Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cirebon Getting there and away.

Transport from Jakarta; buses are available but unless you have no money and are into long wasted journeys I wouldn't recommend wasting your time and energy using buses. If your on a tight budget you can always use the economy train. I don't have the schedule but you can assume economy trains are almost always late.
The business class and executive class are pretty reliable, in 4 years i have rarely known them to be other than fashionably late. There are 2 trains, Argo Jati is the better one but only runs twice a day each way. It's all executive. The other train is the Cirebon Express (Cirex). This is mixed business and executive classes.
The times were correct when posted on this blog (Times updated 22/02.12)

Argo Jati; (all executive)

From Gambir (Jakarta): 09.00 and 17.10
From Cirebon : 05.45 and 14.00

Cirebon Express; (executive and business class)

From Gambir (Jakarta) : 06.05, 09.45, 11.00, 13.20 and 18.15 (Fri, Sat & Sun 20.10)
From Cirebon Station: 06.15, 07.45, 10.00, 15.15 and 18.15

Executive = has air conditioning, reclining seats.
Business = no air conditioning, basic but okay seat.

To other cities such as Bandung, Yogjakarta and Semarang there are buses from the bus terminal. Ecomony and AC classes. Also there are travel buses. These are mini-buses or cars that will take you door to door. All have AC and usually will stop on the way for food. Good option if you can't face bus stations. Ask at your hotel they should have details. Trains of course also run across Java to all major cities. Note; if you buy ticket for example Yogjakarta to Cirebon you have to pay the fair from Yogja to Jakarta. So if you use the Surabaya train from Yogja to Cirebon the fare is Surabaya to jakarta. This can make train tickets a bit expensive.
New note; trains are now becoming busier all the time. If you are travel Fridays or holidays you will have to book beforehand. 

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