Thursday, 30 September 2010

Subang Hot Springs, Kuningan, near Waduk Darma

Here in a small village right in the heart of Java there is a small river with some natural hot springs. From the village it takes about 20 to 30 mins walk through some nice padi fields. When you get to the river there is a 3 tier waterfall falling around some massive boulders with a couple of cool pools to jump into. As the river goes down it becomes shallow with small streams of hot water coming through cracks in the rocks. This is a lovely spot to chill out for an hour or 2. The road to reach this place is really beautiful. At some points there are drops on either side of the road but the it is a pretty good road until Subang. If you go further than here then the road becomes really difficult in a small car, you will need a motorbike or a car with a high clearance. I have yet to explore further down this route but have heard from locals there are more hot spring and waterfalls.

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