Monday, 6 September 2010

Sangiang Lake (Telaga Sangiang)

         This is another natural mountain spring lake up on the slopes of Ciremai mountain. The lake is about 1000m above sea level so often surrounded in cloud by the afternoon. Surrounding the lake on 3 sides is some nice tropical forest. If you visit on a quiet day you can hear the animals across the lake. There is a nice path through the forest to circumnavigate the lake. It will probably take 1 n half hours.
         In the lake are thousands of cat fish, goldfish and nila fish. When you arrive you will be approached by loads of old women trying to sell you bread or cakes to feed the fish. It's worth spending a dollar or two to feed them. You can wade in the water an feed them by hand. The cat fish are massive up to about a metre long with big gaping mouths. The goldfish too are pretty big as are the nila fish. They say your not allowed to swim but I will question that next time as I think it could be fun to have a snorkel with the fish.
        There is a myth about the lake. Hundreds of years ago 2 sultans from nearby Panjalu and Sumedang were at war. One of the armies went missing. The local myth is that they went into the lake a became the cat fish that are found there. Whatever to believe, the fact is it stops the locals from eating them so the lake is full of fish. There is also a grave of one of the sultans at the site. This is revered as a sacred Islamic site so be aware and be respectful if you visit.
         The location of this lake is high up on the South slopes of Ciremai Mountain.It is about 2 hour journey from Cirebon or an hour or so from Kuningan. Note; the final approach is probably best done on a motorbike or 4-wheel drive. There is some renovations going on as this was posted but the road hasn't been started yet. Apart from that there are some amazing views and you will probably be stopping to take pics every hundred metre or so. On a clear day you can see the volcanoes between Cirebon and Jakarta.
         The directions to this place would take ages to explain. I am trying to iron out some issues with my google map now. I will post the link as soon as I have sorted the problem.

Try this temporary link;,108.34012985229492&geocode=FdCvmf8ddnR4Bg%3BFQ0flv8doiN1Bg&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=13&sll=-6.704674,108.559685&sspn=0.061887,0.110378&ie=UTF8&ll=-6.844624,108.531189&spn=0.494951,0.883026&z=10

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