Monday, 25 October 2010

Hotels in Cirebon

Hotels in Cirebon
Here is some information about hotels in Cirebon. Listed are the prices and address. I haven’t checked out all the hotels yet will add as I find more info.

Sejahtra Guest House,
Jl. Suratno No 18,
Tlp 0231 20721
Standard room all hot water and AC. rp. 175,000
This is a small guest house with only 12 rooms. Opening in 2010 the rooms are equipped with AC hot water, TV and serve a nice traditional breakfast. One of the best if your not looking for big hotel facilities.

Hotel Aurora Baru,
Jl. Siliwangi No 62
Tlp; 0231 233143/233145
Standard Room rp 180,000
VIP Room rp 200,000
Family Room rp 230,000
This hotel is very close to the main train station in Cirebon, all rooms have A.C. and hot water. Breakfast included.

Hotel Aurora
Jl. R.A. Kartini No 27
Tlp; 0231 204541/206338
Standard Room rp 140,000
VIP upstairs room rp 145,000
VIP Room rp 170,000
Family Room rp 190,000
Extra Family Room rp 210,000
All rooms have A.C. and hot water. Breakfast Included.

Wisma Bahtera
Jl. Cangkring I No 5 – 7 (off Jl. Kartini)
Tlp; 0231 231920
Standard Room A rp 150,000
Standard Room B rp 175,000
Family Room rp 200,000
Deluxe Room rp 250,000
Standard Rooms have A.C. but no hot water. Breakfast included.

Bentani Hotel

Jl. Siliwangi No  69
Tlp; 0231 203246
Standard Room rp. 452,238
Superior Room rp. 517,124
Junior Suite rp. 607,571
Suite rp. 774,703
Executive Suite rp. 1,049,978
Presidential Suite rp. 1,478,620
Extra Bed rp. 128,500

These rooms all have A.C. and hot water. Includes  breakfast. There are 3 restaurants, a pub, swimming pool and gym. These prices are with discount. This is the most popular hotel catering to foreigners in Cirebon.

Hotel Cordova
Jl. Siliwangi No 87 – 89
Room Rates valid until Dec 2010
Suite Room rp 250,000
Special Deluxe Room rp 180,000
Deluxe Room rp 170,000
Superior Room rp 160,000
Until Dec 2010 the above rooms will get 30% discount off the above prices. All with A.C.
Standard Room rp 75,000/65,000
Economy Room rp 55,000
Until Dec 2010 these rooms will get 20% discount off the above prices. Fan only.

Hotel Langensari

Jl. Siliwangi No127
Tlp. 0231 201818
Medium Room rp. 300,000
Superior Room rp. 400,000
Deluxe Room rp. 600,000
All rooms have A.C. and hot water. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Mega        
Jl. Kusnan No 101
Tlp; 0231 209332
Deluxe Room Rp. 203,300
Standard Room Rp. 187,700
This is quite a new hotel. Rooms have A.C. Deluxe Rooms have a fridge. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Sare Sae
Jl. Siliwangi No 70
Tlp. 0231 209489
Deluxe Room Rp. 300,000
Superior Room Rp. 250,000
All rooms have A.C. and hot water. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Sidodadi
Jl. Siliwangi No. 72
Tlp. 0231 202305
Deluxe Rp. 480,000
Superior Rp. 380,000
Moderate Rp. 240,000
All rooms have A.C. and hot water. Breakfast included.

Hotel Asia
Jl. Kalibaru
Tlp. N/A
Fan Room Share Bathroom rp. 40,000
Fan Room Bathroom inside rp. 60,000
A.C. Room rp. 100,000
This has been a popular hotel for backpackers over the years. Old colonial building. Basic but cheap. Includes breakfast.

Hotel Tri Jaya
Jl. Aria Banga No. 9
Tlp. 0231 2525225
Standard Rp. 125,000
Deluxe Rp. 150,000
Another new hotel. All rooms have A.C. hot water and wifi.

NB: All prices correct at the time of posting (October 2010)


  1. Are you still living in Cirebon? I recently moved here and I am finding it rather difficult to get information on local buses and stuff, can you help??

  2. Just saw your comment. Yes i'm still living in Crb though I work in Jkt. If you need any info get me on yahoo.
    Living in the yellow houses in Cirebon?

    1. Yeah thanks - I just emailed you, hope to hear from you soon.

  3. This blog is further than my expectations. Nice work guys!!!compare hotel prices